About this Gallery

MAGNET: An Intimate View of Water

I approach photography as a lifelong naturalist and lover of the outdoors and through my work I express the grand beauty of my surroundings. My art focuses on observing the environment in a simple and unambiguous way because the abstract creates the whole.

In nature, water seems to be a Magnet for most of us. We are constantly gravitating towards water, be it a mountain stream, lake, pond, or ocean. This book allows you to share the relationship, love and emotion I have with water.

By simplifying water to its basic elements, I explore the inherent power of its intimate spaces, showing what I believe is the essence that I find most alluring.  The simplicity represents its own idea and that form represents a larger concept. I have divided my work into three sections: Abstract, Energy, and Reflection. The true Magnet of water is that it allows each of us to interpret the larger concept through our own experiences, which makes each interpretation unique.

I invite you to jump in, splash around and enjoy.